Travis (aka mrfunny567): Friend + Editor Quinn (aka qspark plays): Friend Zach (aka 3dfreak): Friend Kenny (aka lolyo): Creator of this website.  

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Hello! This is mrfunny567. I created a website a while ago. It’s mrfunny567 plays. Please make sure to check it out. Don’t worry, I will still continue to update my page on here and possibly post on here. I will just use my site more often. Bye!

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News (To Failure)

One day, I fixed my pc. I was excited! But it sucks in general. I persuaded my dad to get me a new (gaming) pc. Then, my dad got me a sh*t pc. But it was better than the last one so I used it.

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I used to just watch videos, but I wanted to make some videos and get a little famous. I started with mobile. There were no good screen recorder that didn’t need root. Then I went on to pc. There was only screen recorders with watermarks so I have to stick with it. Then I made […]

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